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  • The InCrease Family Office casts a consummated wealth management platform for wealthy pioneers and provides diversified wealth appreciation combos. With both generalized and customized wealth management solutions, a team of top-class experts from multiple fields and a professional system of wealth management are built to concentrate on a neo-type financial service blueprint.
  • Based on the collaboration with 500 plus renowned institutions globally, InCrease offers well-selected onestop wealth solutions according to the demands of the families. The professional, consummated service system takes excellent care of the families’ wealth affairs and provides individualized advisory.
  • The genuine wealth management satisfies the financial demands of asset preservation, value growth, offspring education, marriage protection, wealth inheritance and others with full authorization option. Such trusteeship places clients’ wealth in thorough protection and management and benefits every important members of the families.
InCrease Family Office
Hanfor Holdings Limited, a top asset management firm in China, has been devoted to finance and capital investment for years. By the team’s incessant effort, Hanfor has reached a bunch of outstanding achievements, successively in the realms of asset management, investment banking, venture capital, fund management, market value management and etc. Up to now, Hanfor has formed comprehensive strategic cooperation with 500 plus institutions globally.

Hanfor Asset Management Co., Ltd. (InCrease Family Office, “InCrease”) is a key step of Hanfor’s strategic layout. It offers privately customized family wealth management solutions for the rising Chinese wealthy classes. Focusing on the management and preservation of family wealth and comprehensive commercial interests, InCrease converges top-class wealth management professionals across the globe to meet the clients’ diversified financial demands as well as realize wealth accumulation and protection, with global asset allocation plans. By means of family trust, individual customization, financial institution customization and other measures, InCrease provides the high-net-worth groups with flexible and one-stop overall services of financial planning, asset protection, advisory, family trusteeship and so on. Thus, InCrease truly realizes the inheritance of wealth.

The InCrease team consists of eminent industrial leaders with 10 plus years of professional experience on average.
InCrease devotes to locate precisely the demands of the top classes on China’s wealth pyramid, and offer thorough services.
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